Finance in Excel 2 – Import and Chart...

Stock Quotes Historical: Finance in Excel 2 – Import and Chart Historical Stock Prices in Excel. Visit for more, including Excel Consulting, Macros, and Tutorials. Learn how to Import and quickly Chart historical stock prices…

14 Responses to “ Finance in Excel 2 – Import and Chart”

  1. Yessy Zamora says:

    This was so helpful! You just saved me and my finance project! ´╗┐

  2. michael benson says:

    Hi there,
    thanks for your huge amount of work there by the way! i am having a problem
    now and i would appreciate your help (if possible). i created a button,
    which gives me the 52weeks High und 52weeks Low in row D2:D12 and E2:E12.
    In the following row (F2:F12) i integrated a excel-formula, which gives me
    the percental gap to the 52weeks High or Low. But now in the following row
    (G, H, I and so on) i wanted to use the macro again for some other
    information (for ex.: dividend, course …). So i need a code in the VBA,
    which let me create some rows with information (A to E), then i need a
    “blank” row F (for my formula) and afterwards i need rows again for F and
    so on… Is that possible? Any tip would be very kind of you. Thanks so far
    and i apologize for my rudimental english
    best regards John´╗┐

  3. StockTradingMaster says:

    Good video

  4. Manuel Castillo says:


  5. MP112791 says:

    thank you for this.

  6. 94kieshababy says:

    Where is the down key on laptops? Need an answer fast.

  7. Richard Andrews says:

    There is a better way. Search below in google. “stock quotes in excel

  8. ExcelisHell says:

    @Yellowknight888 do it in parts or copy by hand.

  9. Jasbeer Singh says:

    Really nice video.. no waste of time at all………… thanks for ur

  10. Kevin V says:

    Would it automatically update the new stock price for the next day if I
    choose not to un-check “save query definition”? What can I do to make the
    chart display every single date? in my opinion charting in excel still
    sucks. Thanks for making this great tutorial!!! it’s exactly what I need.

  11. Rajib Kar says:

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  12. O Lox says:

    In older versions of Office one could make the final date of the chart
    appear in the x-axis by subtracting first and last date and then dividing
    by the number of dates you want to appear on the x-axis. When you do this
    process in 2010 the value is rounded off in the max and min fields in the
    x-axis options so that the exact date does not show up. Is there a
    workaround for this in 2010?

  13. gqiq says:

    in excel 2003, the data is charted from most recent to earliest, the
    opposite of how it should be. 2007/2011 seems to recognize how time passes
    and adjust accordingly, regardless of how the data is arranged in the
    spreadsheet. Because of this, I have to flip the data in Excel 2003. Do you
    know of a way to avoid this?

  14. Vikas Balghare says:

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